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About Us

  ProActive Foam is the unique distributor of FLOWEY products in the United Kingdom. We have started our journey to success driven by a strong ambition to supply the market only with top quality products. Our goal is to revolutionize the car washing and detailing industry by supplying a new generation of snow foam which is able to clean without the need to wash the car by hand.

We are supplying a wide range of environmentally friendly products for car maintenance, respect for the environment and our customers. With a nationwide distribution network and online store, we offer complete solutions for car care products including equipment, accessories, and supplies. maintaining a close business relationship with Flowey we are honored to present their wide range of car care products specially designed for professionals and also for end customers which can enjoy some of the best quality products available on the UK market.


With more than twenty years of experience in the car wash, the Research&Development department of Flowey has the know-how to answer all your requirements even the most pointed. Our range has been proven throughout Europe and the ongoing dialogue we have with our customers allows us to fully control all the problems that may be encountered in a car wash and to provide a rapid and effective answer. Moreover, our laboratory is in constant contact with the largest chemical producers in Europe. Thanks to this we are constantly testing the latest available novelties in the market to always be able to offer products at the forefront of innovation. Finally, we follow the evolution of the regulation (EC 648/2004 regulation on detergents, REACH, CLP, etc. …) to be always in compliance with the European legislation.

Manufacturing more environmentally friendly products and a commitment to impeccable quality are two major concerns that our company aims to apply daily. Our company, since many years in fact, is engaged in manufacturing products of high quality and more and more environmentally friendly. The use of raw materials from renewable resources enables us to reduce the environmental impact of our activities without affecting the quality and effectiveness of our products. Our quality commitment begins indeed from the first contact with our customers and continues closely throughout our collaboration. Our products are regularly tested and adapted to the requests and needs of our customers. Our ISO 14001 certification illustrates our approach and our environmental commitment