Complete Parfum Range (16 fragrances) Car Air Freshener – Paloma Car Air Fresheners
Complete Parfum Range (16 fragrances) Car Air Freshener - Paloma Parfum Line - Paloma Car Air Fresheners

Complete PARFUM Range PACK (13 fragrances) Car Air Freshener

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Try our complete Parfum Range & DUO with a bulk-buy discount.

The Pack Contains 14  Fragrances :

  • Black Diamond
  • Bubble Gum 
  • New Car & Rally DUO
  • For Men
  • Lilac Garden
  • Sport
  • Vanilla Dream
  • Jasmin
  • Ocean
  • Caribic
  • Fresh Melon
  • Atlantic & Ocean DUO
  • Vanilla Ego


Perfectly combines the simplistic design with a multitude of perfumes, so it becomes one of the most appreciated products. The perfume has high concentration, it can be dosed according to your preferences.

They offer a pleasant smell throughout the range of different fragrances without giving you the sensation that is too strong but also allowing you to feel relaxed by their scent.

 A guaranteed 60 days lasting smell(2 months) but their smell doesn't STOP here because even if they have been opened but NOT poured onto the succulent cardboard they can still smell once poured even after 1 year. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Peter Davies
Excellent product

Brilliant product. They smell beautiful and last a long time. I would recommend these to everyone

Ciprian Morte

The Best

Robert Meek
Great service

Just received another set of air fresheners , great value and a great scent in the car

David Alexander
Excellent value

Buying these in bulk saves you money, and gives you a spoilt for choice list of fresheners to use in your car. Couldn't fault the seller at all. Goes the extra mile.

Stuart Luxford

The ones I’ve tried smell great and seem to be lasting well.
Would buy again

Chris Green
Great smelling air freshners

Having only just started using these I am still on my first one. Upto now very happy as the scent seems to be lasting well and it's easy to make the scent stronger if required.

Denise Haswell
Air freshener

Great smell and good value

John Doherty
Excellent service. Quality product

My only port of call for my car air fresheners. The more you buy the more you save. Really fast delivery as well. Amazing fragrance and a great selection to choose from.
Highly recommended