Paloma Car Air Fresheners -Best Car Air Fresheners in UK

Paloma Car Air Fresheners UK Welcomes you New Visitor!

Before starting to browse through our website and wonder why are our car Air Fresheners so different than the others I'm going to try to answer some of your questions!

We are Based In Birmingham UK, and we ship our products every 2- 3 Working days. In case you don't receive your items please contact us by accessing our Contact Page and we will sort something out for you, in a manner that you will always be Happy that you have used Evolution Air Fresheners LTD.

So why are our Products so Unique?

1. They have Liquid and a Cardboard area where you can Pour Liquid Every time you want them to smell again.

2. You can Control How Strong They Smell by adding only a small amount or a larger amount onto the cardboard.

3. They Last Between 2-3 Months depending on how much liquid you add on the cardboard.

4.They cost only £2.49/each if you buy 2 and even less if you order 10 pack or 16 pack.

5. Because of everything mentioned Above we have more than 835 Customers that

have left us reviews and 99% are 5 |⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐|

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!

I hope you will find a Scent that you love just like the rest of our customers did, even though at first purchase they we're not sure which scent to choose!